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FAQ For Customer Choice Program



Are you licensed by the Michigan Public Service Commission to supply natural gas in Michigan?


Are you a Michigan based company?
Yes, our home office is located in Midland, Michigan.


Is there any membership or other fee to sign up?
There are no fees to sign up with Bishop Energy.


Is it okay to switch from another supplier?
Yes, but there may be cancelation charges if you leave their service.  Check your contract with your current supplier.  If you switch natural gas suppliers more than once during a 12 month period the utility can charge a $10.00 switching fee. 


Is the price fixed or does it change?
Bishop Energy is currently offering a variable rate contract for the Customer Choice Program.  The price may fluctuate with the cash market of natural gas.   We have historically served our large customers in this way to avoid costs associated with hedging gas.  It has proven to be a very economical method of purchasing gas.  On the Customer Choice program we now offer this opportunity to residential and commercial customers.


Is signing a contract required?
Yes, we do require that you sign a contract.

What is the length of the contract?
You are on the Customer Choice program from the billing period after you sign your contract until the next March 31. 


What happens when my contract expires?
If you are a residential or small commercial customer you may re-enroll on a month to month basis unless you notify Bishop Energy of a cancelation.

* Large commercial customers will be required to sign new contracts.


How do I cancel my contract with Bishop Energy?
You may enroll with another supplier at any time.  However, be advised that a cancelation charge may apply.  If you wish to return to your utility's rate; inform us by written or verbal notification and we will switch you.  When returning to the utility you must remain there for at least 12 months.


Is there any fee if I were to cancel the contract early?
There will no longer be a cancellation fee for residential and small commercial accounts for DTE Energy or Consumers Energy customers.

Large commercial customers, of both Consumers Energy and DTE Energy, will be charged for the amount of unused gas purchased on their behalf times the current market value of the gas, minus what the original cost of purchase was.


Why is there a cancelation fee?  
The cancelation charge is meant to recover the expenses Bishop Energy incurs on your behalf. The utility requires we flow 1/12 of your annual usage each month.  You only get billed for what you use each month.  The rest goes into underground storage until it is needed in a higher usage month.  If you decide to leave our service we need to recover the cost of gas we have already purchased for you but have not yet used.


How does the gas get delivered?
Gas is delivered by your local gas utility through the same pipelines currently connecting your facilities.


How do I get billed?
You will still be billed by Consumers Energy or DTE Energy in the same manner you've always been billed.  You will still pay Consumers Energy or DTE Energy a delivery charge and a customer charge.  The cost of the gas line item will now read Bishop Energy Services, LLC, but you will continue to pay your total bill to your utility.


Is the distribution and customer charge more with Bishop Energy?
No, this is a charge from the utility.  You will pay the same distribution and customer charge whether you buy gas from Bishop Energy or not.


*Large Commercial customers are classified as customers that are greater than 500 Mcf per year.